Since the beginning, just by pure passion, 'Venom' has put his creative Trick shots online. They are released in short and very entertaining videos and his numbers are increasing. Masterpiece of Pool Trickshots, they are also totally free!


The world of artistic pool will never be the same...

A new era in artistic pool is emerging and VENOM TRICKSHOTS is at the forefront of this transformation. Introducing Florian 'VENOM' Kohler, the Internet sensation that is redefining the sport through his creativity and innovation.

"I have never seen such a unique blend of billiard talent and spectacular shot execution. Truly awesome – A must see for everyone!"


- Tom 'Dr. Cue' Rossman (ESPN & World Masters Champion)
- Mika Immonen (Multiple US Open & World Champion)
"This is some of the most amazing artistry you will ever see in pool. The kid is a phenom."

February: 'Florian 'Venom' Kohler is proud to announce that he renewed his collaboration with Rasson until 2014'
March: Release of Venom Trickshots II, realized in parntership with Rasson, Simonis, Mezz and Kamui, check on Youtube!
April: GBE billiard expo in Guangzhou, China

APA Nation Singles Championships May 1-4 in Las Vegas, USA

California Tour, USA

June: USA east coast tour, special guest at the Cue Ball Group private gathering
July: World Championship of Trick shots in Las Vegas, USA
August: APA National Team Championship August 14-23 in Las Vegas, USA

Venom Trickshots DVD


1. Opening Credits
2. Venom Montage (Part 1)
3. Interview (Part 1)
4. Model Montage
5. Doubles Montage
6. Interview (Part 2)
7. Outtakes (Part 1)
8. Interview (Part 3)
9. Mini Table & Time Lapse
10. Venom Montage (Part 2)
11. Interview (Part 3)
12. Outtakes (Part 2)
13. Venom Montage (Part 3)
14. End Credits


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